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Arlington Web Services is an Ohio corporation and is registered with the Columbus Ohio Better Business Bureau and garners an A+ rating.
Arlington Web Services was established in 1985 in Columbus, Ohio by Robert L. (Bob) Kister, President, and CEO. Bob is also director of software development and head programmer, with experience in C and php among many other programming languages. He had spent many years in the engineering field with Timken before leaving and launching AWS. His first endeavor was right up his alley. MathEdit was a math equation conversion software to create a readable equation in Word processors. It was a success in both the educational and business arenas at that time, since no one else could do it properly.

In 2008, Thomas E. (Tom) Kraft joined the company freelance as a web designer, programmer, and consultant. In March 2011 Tom was named Chief Operating Officer, and continues to provide programming assistance in, javascript, and html5/css3. The two along with others over the years, have continued expanding their horizons in numerous software projects such as those listed below. The company home is now shared between Ohio and Florida and continues to pursue developmental projects on several diverse arenas.
Some Product History:
Math Conversion for Word Processors:
MathEdit (1985-present)
Web Commerce Solutions:
The Pageville Shopping Cart (1985-2015)
Secure Payment Processing:
payAWS Payment Processing (In Beta)
Email Marketing:
pageMarket Email Marketing (2011-2015)
eMail Management:
MySpamGone (2006-2014)
Software License Security:
License Enforcer (Coming 2017)
File Transfer and Archival:
TekNet FileMover (Coming Early 2017)
System Monitoring:
pcFocusTracker (Coming Mid 2017)


Robert L. Kister
Chief Executive Officer
Thomas E. Kraft
Chief Operations Officer
Arlington Web Services, Inc. BBB Business Review
Arlington Web Services, Inc. BBB Business Review